There are no stupid questions...only stupid bananswers! Seriously, though, if you're looking for more info about our policies take a look below:

How do I place an order?

You can place your order by adding items to your Shopping Cart. When you are done shopping, click the "Checkout" button and follow the instructions to finalize your order and submit your payment. We've added a "Special Instructions for Seller" text box so you can inform us of any special requests (or send us a little Love!). We review these details when we process your order for shipment.

Do I have to create an account to purchase?

Creating an account is not necessary to shop with us. Doing so simply makes it easier if you plan to shop with us again. With an account you'll be able to access info for past orders and update your account or payment information. Plus...we love making new friends!

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking the "Create An Account" link on our homepage. Then, follow the prompts and enter the required information. We look forward to having you aboard!

What is your Privacy Policy?

When you shop with us, your important personal information is totally safe and secure. Aside from your name, address, and contact info, we have no access to anything else. And, since our online shop is powered by our friends at, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected by the highest standards. You can view the details of their Privacy Policy by visiting

What are my payment options?

We accept Pay Pal, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc), and Apple Pay. Please do not send money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, or cash. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding payment.

Is it safe to shop online?

While shopping online is generally safe, there's no 100% guarantee that some risk won't be involved. We do our utmost to protect ourselves (and you) from external cyber threats, and since we have watching our backs we feel quite secure. The best defense for you, as the say, is "a good offense". In other words, always be sure to use strong passwords and secure forms of payment. It's also good etiquette to shop from your own device rather than a public computer or device. This'll decrease the chances for some creepy stranger to gain access to your online accounts or your sensitive personal info.

How do I remove an item from my cart?

If you make a mistake or change your mind while shopping, you can remove an item from your cart by by clicking the "Cart" button. A box will appear showing you the cart's contents. Click the grey "X" to the right of an item to remove it.

If you have already finalized your order and realize that you made a mistake, please contact us immediately so we can fix the problem before we ship your order.

How do I redeem coupons, discount codes, or gift cards?

During the Checkout process, you will reach a screen where you can enter a code to redeem a coupon, discount, or BananaBucks Gift Card. For customers whose order subtotal exceeds $65, the FREE Shipping discount will be applied automatically.

How long does it take to ship my item?

We pride ourselves on the speed at which we process and ship our customer orders.  We generally ship every day of the week except Sunday. So, your order will usually be sent within 1 business day from the time we receive your payment. And, we are even able to ship some orders on the SAME DAY, depending on the time of day we receive your payment.

How long does delivery take?

For Standard Shipping, we use USPS 1st Class Mail and delivery generally occurs within 3-7 business days. With the upgrade to Fast Shipping, we use USPS Priority Mail and delivery generally occurs within 2-3 business days. The estimated shipping times may be longer if USPS is experiencing increased demand (e.g. during Christmas). Our checkout will have our current estimated shipping time. For details on other shipping options, please contact us at

Can you overnight my package if I need it really badly..?

Sorry...we do not offer any overnight shipping options.

Will my order ship all together or in multiple packages?

In most cases, we can combine all of your items into a single package. However, if you create separate orders with separate payments, the orders will be shipped accordingly - we can't always review our orders to determine if there are multiple orders being shipped to the same address. So, please try to add all of your desired items to your cart before proceeding to Checkout. Besides, doing so may qualify you for our FREE Shipping discount if the order subtotal exceeds $65.

Be advised that certain items cannot be combined with others due to the incongruity of their size, shape, and/or weight. As a result, some orders may require more than one package. There will be no additional shipping charge if we ship your order in multiple packages.

I didn't receive a confirmation email for my order - is everything okay?

If you place an order but do not receive a confirmation email, it could mean that your order was not successfully completed. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Will you call me to verify my order details?

We don't make phone calls to verify customer orders. So, we urge you to review your order details and make all necessary changes during the checkout process prior to finalizing your order. All communication from us will be conducted via email, so it's important that you provide us with a valid email address.

Can I cancel or modify an order after it’s made?

If you wish to cancel an order that hasn't shipped yet, you should contact us immediately. Please email us and include your Order ID # so we can reference it:

If you wish to cancel an order that has already shipped, you'll need to wait until you receive the package - we aren't able to recall a package once it has been accepted into the mail stream. When your order arrives, contact us via email or phone for instructions on how to return the order for a refund.

To modify your order (address corrections, adding or subtracting items, changing your payment source, etc) contact us immediately and we'll get back to you with further details. If the order hasn't shipped yet, we can make any necessary changes; but, once an order has been sent, no further changes can be made.

What if I never received my order?

We use the USPS for most of our shipments, and we provide you with a USPS tracking number. However, unforeseen problems with delivery do occur sometimes.

***  Problems with delivery must be reported within 30 DAYS of the date that you are sent a shipping confirmation email. We are not able to offer any assistance after this timeframe has elapsed.  ***

If a problem or delay occurs with the delivery of your package, we'll do our utmost to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. We always recommend that you first check the status of the package via USPS website You can often determine the nature of a delivery problem by doing so, and then you can report back to us. Also, many delivery problems can be resolved from your end by contacting your local post office or by calling the USPS help-line:

1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)

If an item gets returned by the USPS as "Undeliverable", we will contact you via email when the returned package arrives back to us.

Be advised that we will not be held responsible for packages that fail to arrive due to address errors resulting from customer oversight. If you make a mistake with your address details, contact us immediately so we can correct it.

My tracking info says "Delivered", but I didn't receive it... what's up?

The USPS tracking system is pretty accurate. If your package status is "delivered" but you haven't received it, the package may have been left with another member of your household, a neighbor, a front desk/mail room person, or the front office of your apt building. Please check with any relevant party before reporting non-arrival to us. Also the package may be on hold for you at your local post office, so please check there as well - be sure to have your USPS tracking # handy for such inquiries. Once you've exhausted these options without success, please contact us via email or phone.

Also, we cannot be held responsible for packages that are lost or stolen after delivery has been confirmed by the USPS. If you believe that your mail was stolen, please report this to the USPS as mail theft is a federal offense.

***  Problems with delivery must be reported within 30 DAYS of the date that you are sent a shipping confirmation email. We are not able to offer any assistance after this timeframe has elapsed.  ***

The tracking # confirms shipment, but I've seen no updates for a while?

If your tracking # confirms acceptance of your package by our post office in Athens OH this means that it's in the mail and in transit to your address. If the tracking status does not get updated after a couple days, there could be an internal USPS problem with the delivery. Such problems are usually corrected by the USPS after a short delay.

If a you feel that your package is overdue, we urge you to check with your local post office first and then contact us via email or phone if the matter does not resolve itself in a reasonable amount of time.

What if my package gets damaged in the mail?

Keep in mind that the USPS does not work for us, so we can't control how they handle our packages. We realize that accidents happen - sometimes the USPS "slips on a banana peel", so to speak. If your package and any of the contents arrive damaged, please report it to us. In most cases, we can simply dispatch a free replacement item assuming we have one in stock. We do require that you send us proof of the damage in the form of a digital picture of the item(s) and the shipping container so we can verify the claim.

How do I return my order?

Returns are pretty easy and hassle free! If you have second thoughts or make a mistake, follow the instructions below to return your order:

Your item must be returned to us in the same condition in which it was sent: i.e., mint condition - rolled inside the clear plastic sleeve and free of damage. If these conditions are not met, your refund amount may be affected. So, please contact us beforehand if there are any issues that need to be discussed. We're pretty easy-going, so don't sweat it!

You can use the original shipping container to return your item(s) as long as the structural integrity is still good enough for the return trip thru the mail. Just remember to take a little care on how you repack the container. (It's always a good idea to keep everything you receive in your shipping box just in case!) Also, please include your original invoice or a sheet listing your order details - name, address, and reason for the return. This'll help us identify your return and speed up the refund process.

Returns should be addressed to

Attn: Matt
12 S Court St
Athens, OH 45701

***  Returns must be requested within 30 DAYS of the date that delivery is confirmed by the tracking #. We will not grant any return requests after this timeframe has elapsed.  ***

What if you guys send me the wrong thing?

We NEVER make mistakes! Just kidding...sometimes our wires get crossed just like everybody else. If we mess up and send you the wrong thing, simply contact us via email or phone to report the problem. In most cases we'll let you keep the wrong thing and send you the right thing at no extra cost. Sometimes, though, we'll need you to return the wrong item, but we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label so you won't be required to pay for shipping on the return.

Can I exchange a product after I received it?

We are happy to exchange one item for another. However, you will be responsible for the shipping costs for both the returned item and the exchanged item, as well as any price difference. If you would like to do an exchange, please email or call us.

***  Exchanges must be requested within 14 DAYS of the date that delivery is confirmed by the tracking #. We will not grant any exchange requests after this time-frame has elapsed.  ***

How do I send a gift to a different address?

You'll have the ability to enter an alternate shipping address during the checkout process, so gift buying is encouraged!

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

We are happy to ship to customers in Alaska and Hawaii. (In our experience, the folks in those states are some of the BEST customers we deal with!) The shipping rates for these states are the same as those for the continental USA.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

We are pleased to ship to Armed Forces and Gov't personnel serving overseas. Shipping rates for APO/FPO addresses are the same as the rates for addresses in the USA; however, delivery times may be longer depending on the destination. Thank you for your service!

Do you ship internationally?

We are currently only shipping within the US and APO addresses. 

Do I pay sales tax?

Sales tax is applied to all orders from customers in Ohio.

Can I pick up my order from your physical location?

If you're in our area, you're welcomed to pick up your order in person. You won't need to place an order online - All of our items are available in our brick-and-mortar store. If an item is available on our website, then we should have it in stock at our store location. Be advised, however, that the in-store price may differ from the online price. (The price difference is negligible, though.) If you have any questions about the in-store availability or price of an item, please email or call us.

Stop by for a visit anyway...we'd love to meet you! We're located at 12 South Court Street in uptown Athens OH, across the street from the Athens County Court House and the Board of Elections. We're generally open 12pm-6pm EST Monday thru Saturday.

Are your poster measurements accurate?

We try very hard to measure our items accurately, and we round-up to the nearest full inch in cases where a fractional inch is involved. Also, we're only human and we do make errors on occasion. If you plan to frame your poster, we strongly recommend contacting us prior to purchase so we can give you the exact dimensions. We don't want you to waste your hard-earned money on a frame that you can't use.

What about frames, lamination, or custom designs..?

At the moment, we don't offer framing or lamination services. But, keep on checking back with us - we have plans for that soon!

As for custom designs, we don't do that either. If you really want something that you don't see among our selection, email or call us and we'll do our best to try to get it for you.

Still have a question about something..?

We're here to help ensure that everything goes smoothly with your purchase! If you still need info about something, send us an email or give us a call. We don't bite!


We're totally bananas for all of you!